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Date: Mon Oct 20 2008 - 07:04:33 EDT

> Remember also that Chernoble was not an ecological disaster but an > economic disaster, and a serious industrial accident.> Natural life is getting on just fine with humans removed from the area, > and the city is now used as a case study of how quickly nature can > retake land once used by humans.
Hi Paul C:
Chernobyl most certainly *was* an ecological disaster, not just in the
Ukraine and Belarus but throughout Europe. Scandinavia, including Finland,
was especially hard hit by the radioactive fallout and its consequences.
The projected increase in human deaths alone from cancer due to Chernobyl
has been estimated to be between between 4,000 (World Health Organization),
30,000-60,000 (Torch) and 200,000 (Greenpeace). It also affected other
species (e.g. reindeer in Finland) which, in turn, affected human cultural
practices (prohibitions there - lifted now, I guess? - against eating reindeer
due to nuclear contamination).
In solidarity, Jerry

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