[OPE] (new online book) Felton and Reinhardt ed. _The First Financial Crisis of the 21st Century_

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The current (October, 08) issue of the _Pluralist Economics Review_ contains a book length
source called _The First Financial Crisis of the 21st Century_ edited by Andrew Felton and
Carmen Reinhardt. See following for URL and listing of articles from the same issue on
related matters.

In solidarity, Jerry


Pluralist Economics Review

the best of free-access economics

October 2008


 * The First Global Financial Crisis of the 21st Century, edited by Andrew Felton and Carmen Reinhart


 * How Veblen Generalized Darwinism, Geoffrey M. Hodgson

 * Global Poverty and Inequality: A Review of the Evidence, Francisco Ferreira and Martin Ravallion

 * A Brief Guide To Fixing Finance, Martin Neil Baily and Robert E. Litan

 * The United States and the World: Where Are We Headed? Mark Weisbrot

 * Did the Decline in Social Capital Depress Americans’ Happiness? Bartolini, Bilancini and Pugno

 * Hedge fund contagion and liquidity, Nicole M. Boyson

 * It's the Media, Stupid - How Media Activity Shapes Public Spending, C. Bruns and O. Himmler

The Economy

 * Global Financial Meltdown, Michel Chossudovsky

 * A Sensible Plan for Recovery

 * Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Eight Years Ago? John Schmitt and Hye Jin Rho

 * This Economy Does Not Compute, NYT

 * U.S. bends the rules of free markets, US Today

 * Stock Market Crash: Understanding the Panic, Business Week

 * Can GM Make It?, Business Week


 * Bailout Blues, Joseph E. Stiglitz

 * Busted Bailout, Kenneth Rogoff

 * Mistake to Trust Wall Street Insiders to Clean Up Mess, Dean Baker

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