RE: [OPE] Required reserve ratio

Date: Fri Oct 10 2008 - 09:43:14 EDT

> the main problem isn't really lack of funds, but market confidence - all the resources
> are there to solve the problem, but if, due to some perception people have, they refuse
> to trade, it can't be solved.

Hi Jurriaan:

That position is shared by most mainstream economists and commentators.

You don't see any "real" problems with the US and global capitalist economy?

Under discussed from a Marxian perspective, it seems to me, is how the crisis
is lowering aggregate demand and the savings, income, and demand of different
classes and how that, in turn, is exacerbating the crisis. Then, of course, there is
the inflationary effect of the bailouts, etc. which will make it more difficult to
create the conditions by which capitalist expanded reproduction can take place again.

Are there any magic wands that the capitalist state hasn't tried to wave already?
... and could they 'work'? ... and at whose expense?

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