RE: [OPE] Economic Stimulus and Economically Distressed Workers

Date: Tue Sep 30 2008 - 04:53:48 EDT

> Is there any movement in the US that attempts to resist home seizures by
> the banks by direct action?

Hi Paul C:

No. It has been a long time since the working class in the US had a
direct action uneviction movement. The last time, as I was reminded
by David L last Friday, was during the Great Depression in the midst of
a radicalization. There have been some isolated actions in more
recent years, such as the 'eviction watch' system in the Lower East Side
of Manhattan which organized resistance in the streets when the City was
threatening to evict squatters. The latter struggle, which I participated
in, succeeded in mobilizing close to a thousand supporters, but was ultimately
unsuccessful in preventing the evictions.

In solidarity, Jerry_______________________________________________
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