Re: [OPE] Venezuela and Human Rights Watch

From: Paula <>
Date: Fri Sep 26 2008 - 21:34:16 EDT

Paul B: "the issue here is how the multiplicity of 'facts' / events/ responses are constructed and used, ie in whose interests they are interpreted."

No, that is a non-issue on this list; we all know that the right will 'construct and use' all kinds of facts and events for their own purposes. The issue is whether we aim to have our own independent interpretation, or whether we accept at face value the arguments of whoever they happen to be misrepresenting.

" .. then given that somewhere there is always someone who knows more than each of us about some topic or other, we would never discuss anything, or be allowed to have an argument."

Then you should not ask others to abstain from a discussion until they know more.

"With respect to the oil Lockout in Venezuela I find it astonishing that anyone ...other than the managerial, and generally highly paid technicians and their political promotors ..."

Did all 18,000 fired workers fall into these categories? It seems unlikely.


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