Re: [OPE] Venezuela and the goal of Socialists.

From: Gerald Levy <>
Date: Fri Sep 26 2008 - 07:48:06 EDT

> You just try to discredit HRW with secondary remarks without considering in its own merits the report on Venezuela.


The claims of the HRW report were de-bunked at great length in the articles which were
forwarded to the list. They have no merit.

What is clear (to many, including myself) is that _no_ amount of evidence would satisfy
the right-wing opponents of Chavez and the real force behind the HRW report - the US
government. You talk about the "scientific" approach but there is _nothing_ scientific
in the approach that they bring to this topic. They care not a whit about democracy (this
has been _shown_ by their own past actions): they simply want to see the end of Chavez
and the Bolivarian revolution at _any_ cost. We have seen all of this before in many
places, including in Chile under the Allende government. It is disappointing (yet not
particularly surprising) to see some socialists and progressives taken in (hook, line, and
sinker) by these fabrications.

In solidarity, Jerry

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