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 Dear Alejandro Agafonof,

why do you pay so little attention to the 1 million Irakis who have been killed since the invasion by the USA?
Where do you stand, are you for the emancipation of the suppressed or for the suppressors? Or do you think you are the god and stand outside all this? You are obviously worried about the future of capitalist economy and want to rescue it by using so many fanciful arguments.




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The replies of Paul Bullock, Gerald Levy and others are simply on the defensive. They don’t have counter arguments that prove that HRW accusations are wrong or are simply lies.


Bullock, Levy & others just try to subtract importance to the evidence showing the steps back in civil and political rights in Venezuela, pointing to the unquestionable advances in economic and political participation that chavistas (more properly in Spanish: “chavecistas”) have accomplished.


It is supposed that the members of this list are a little bit beyond “uncritical activism”. The motive that joins us together in OPE is our interest in science at the service of the achievement of a better world, that all of us think it is sum up in an idea of Socialism that in itself is controversial and doesn’t count with
 our unanimity.


I sincerely would like to see you avoiding empty counter-imperialist rhetoric and bearing in mind our goal as informed and critical Socialists.


Alejandro Agafonow


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