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Dear Professor Levy,

I am writing on behalf of
Yale University Press to let you know about a book that may be of interest
to you and your students:

The Bridge at the Edge of the World

Capitalism, the Environment, and Crossing from Crisis to
by James Gustave Speth

"A great book
that everyone concerned with the fate of the world must read. . . . The
book is deeply thoughtful, thoroughly researched, and a pleasure to
read."-Seventh Generation


"With candor, cadence and clarity,
Speth presents a compelling case for prompt action, making this book a
must-read on the subject."-Le-Min Lim, Chicago Tribune

"This book is an extremely probing and thoughtful diagnosis of the
root causes of planetary distress."-Ross Gelbspan, Washington Post
Book World

"If America can be said to have a
distinguished elder statesman of environmental policy, Speth is it. . . .
He is after bigger game-the Wal-Martization of America, our slavish
to an ever-expanding gross domestic product, the utter
failure of what [he] disparagingly calls "modern capitalism" to
create a sustainable world. What is needed, Speth believes, is
not simply
a tax on greenhouse gas emissions, but -a new operating
system- for the modern world."-Orion

The author of Red
Sky at Morning would be the first to agree that we are in deep
environmental trouble, but he offers hope that there is still time to
avert global catastrophe. Gus Speth
explores a wide variety of
promising and even radical ideas for transforming modern capitalism so as
to protect and restore the natural world.

$28.00 cloth
$18.00 paper
Available in paperback
February 2009
(Examine a cloth copy now)

see an excerpt: http://pull.xmr3.com/p/2656-6F8E/25060335/clickto12_ks-excerpts-speth_bridge.pdf.html
the index:†
or the table of contents: http://pull.xmr3.com/p/2656-3058/25059230/clickto15_pbooks-tocs-speth_bridge.pdf.html

See more reviews for this book:

Order an exam copy:

For information on upcoming events, visit the author's website

Bridge At the Edge of the World.com.

Also by James
Gustave Speth:

Red Sky at Morning
America and the Crisis
of the Global Environment, Second Edition
With a new afterword on
climate change

"Gus Speth brought global environmental
concerns to the world's attention nearly a quarter of a century ago. His
extraordinary new book is an
impassioned plea to take these issues
seriously before it is too late. We owe it to our children and
grandchildren to read Red Sky at Morning and take
action while we
can."- Jimmy Carter, former president of the United States

"The ultimate insider offers a devastating critique of global
environmental efforts."-Eugene Linden, Time

profoundly sobering study . . . of the nation's failure to address the
probability of global warming."-New York Times Book Review

See more reviews for this book:

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Debra Bozzi
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