Re: [OPE] Venezuela and Human Rights Watch

From: Gerald Levy <>
Date: Tue Sep 23 2008 - 17:44:59 EDT

> Chavez's enemies have a clear interest in accusing his regime of
> human rights violations, but this does not automatically mean the
> accusations are false. in fact, they will b e far more powerful if they
> have some basis in reality, if they corrspond to popular experience.

Hi Paula:

They don't have to correspond to popular experience if they correspond
to popular *fears*. Of course, you are right: this does not mean that the
accusations are false. *Nor* does it automatically mean that the
accusations are true. Let us recall, though, that there has been a clear
*pattern* of *disinformation* by the US government (and its friends) against
Chavez (and many others internationally).

Please do not underestimate the potential benefits of disinformation campaigns.
A fun, interactive tutorial (published by the British Library Board, no

> Ideally socialists should have their own means of investigating
> what is going on.

Yes, that is a good ideal but it may not be practical in a given circumstance
(for a variety of reasons). In the absence of such a credible, independent
means of investigation, we should not automatically accept what is being
suggested by right-wing agencies and imperialist states. We should
demand *evidence* which is credible and verifiable. That (Alejandro, please
take note) would be consistent with a genuinely libertarian (anti-authoritarian)

In solidarity, Jerry

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