Re: [OPE] Kuruma, "Are Prices and Wages in a Vicious Circle?"

From: Michael Schauerte <>
Date: Tue Sep 23 2008 - 00:24:17 EDT

Thanks for mentioning that article Jerry. The book by Kuruma that I have
been working on for the past couple years has finally been published. I
didn't have the energy to search for a publishing company after all of the
time spent on the translation so it was published by one of those
print-on-demand companies. The title is "Marx's Theory of the Genesis of
Money" and a paperback and hardcover are available on Amazon. Currently
there is no information on Amazon other than the title but I will probably
"review" it myself. I have attached the cover design which includes my short
blurb on the back cover.

By the way, a while back I sent a few list subscribers a Word doc. with the
translation, but I made numerous corrections to that translation and
completely rewrote my introduction.

I am now working on another book length translation of a sort of textbook on
capitalism as a whole (and of the 3 volumes of Capital) by Teinsouke Otani,
who was a younger colleague of Kuruma. And I think it may be the sort of
book that publishers might be interested in.


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> Recently translated for the first time in English by Michael S and
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> In solidarity, Jerry
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