RE: [OPE] financial meltdown: teaching resources?

From: Gerald Levy <>
Date: Mon Sep 22 2008 - 09:27:26 EDT

Hi Paul A:

There are some articles at "Dollars and Sense"
which are relevant and suitable for that age group. Fred, for instance, has a
review of policy options to stop the forecloseures there.

The Center for Popular Economics and
United for a Fair Economy have relevant articles.
See, for example, a short article by Gerald Friedman called "The Election
and the Meltdown" in the Spring, 2008 issue of _The Popular Economist_
(which is available online). There is also a 5 minute animated presentation
on "How Savings Accounts and Stocks Function" which was designed for
high school classrooms ( ).

Dean Baker, Rick Wolff, and others have written short, elementary
articles on the financial crisis for MRZine

My first thought, in reply to your query, was to look at what is on the URPE
site since they maintain a page called "Resources for Teachers,
Researchers, and Activists" but the link to the latter wasn't working when
I tried it a minute ago.

You could ask Tony T
<> since he is giving
a talk on "Marx and the Politics of Sub-Prime" at the Bertell Ollman-sponsored
Colloquium on Marxist Theory this Friday. Obviously, the audience is more
advanced but Tony might have some ideas for you.

In solidarity, Jerry

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