Re: [OPE] Civil Coup in Bolivia

From: Paul Cockshott <>
Date: Mon Sep 15 2008 - 10:23:52 EDT

> > The actions of the separatists amount to rebellion. He should order
> > their arrest and charges of treason against them.
> > The question of course is whether the armed forces would obey. If it is
> > done in terms of preserving the republic
> > a sufficiency of them are likely to support him. In the event of open
> > armed uprising by the secessionist,
> > he should attempt to get Venezuelan and Brazilian military assistance.
> > There comes a time when one has to stop being gentle with opponents who
> > are engaged in open rebellion.
> Hi Paul C:
> Rather than rely on the institutions of the state or foreign military
> assistance (your recommended actions) I think he should remember
> the lesson of the coup in Venezuela. I.e. he should rely directly on
> the masses for support - he should call for their support and
> encourage the formation of revolutionary peoples' militias in defense
> of the revolution.
> One has to be forward thinking: coming out of this crisis should he want
> a stronger and more centralized government or a more confident and
> empowered people who understand that the task of moving the country
> forward and building socialism depends on what they (the working class
> and poor) do? _How_ the crisis is resolved will affect the course of the
> prospects for socialism and self-determination in Bolivia (and, possibly,
> elsewhere).
> In solidarity, Jerry
That is a very long term strategy and the situation is significantly
Here we have a secessionist movement not a coup at the national level.
The defeat of the coup
in Venezuela also owed a lot to there being a loyal section of the armed
forces. To invite
untrained militias to take on the army would be reckless.

In the longer term I agree that a Swiss or Jugoslav style defence
strategy involving the population
is sensible, but in the rebel provinces he does not have the depth of
popular support for that now.

Remember that whilst Morales won national support so on a regional level did
the secessionist leaders.
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