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Date: Mon Sep 15 2008 - 09:21:28 EDT

We have had off-list discussions over a period of many months about a
change in the structure, composition, and praxis of list administration.
Over that time, several listmembers have offered feedback and helped to
shape this proposal - including Alejandro VB, Allin, Paul C, and myself
(the original author of the proposal). We can still make changes in this
procedure (after all, it is a *proposal*, not simply an announcement) if
the list as a whole wishes. As indicated below, this is an experiment. We
think it is a very exciting one.

In solidarity, Jerry




The following proposed change in list administration is basically an
attempt to have a more *directly* democratic administrative structure.
It is an experiment in the "wisdom of crowds" model of governance and
will allow us to *practice* direct democracy. No other Internet mailing
list - to our knowledge - currently has such a democratic decision-making


1. Change name from 'Advisory Committee' to 'Administrative Committee' (AC).

2. The AC will consist of five (5) members. This number was selected to
fulfill two competing goals: 1. the AC shouldn't be so large that it
lengthens the time required to reach decisions too much; and 2. the
increase in size of the AC will be needed for the AC to be sufficiently
representative of the 'crowd'.

3. The term of office will be two (2) years. No member of the AC will be
asked to serve two consecutive terms on the AC. This will allow us to
bring the largest number of listmembers into list administration and at
the same time not be too much of a burden for any single member.

4. All of the current listmembers who have written a post in the
last year (as of 12/01/08 date) will be put into a 'pool' of possible AC
members. This 'pool' will include those who had messages forwarded by the
list coordinator who attempted to post but weren't able to because of
technical problems. Any other member can add themselves to the 'pool' by
writing a post on any subject before the cut-off date (12/01/08).

5. A computer program will *randomly rank* all of the members in the 'pool'.

6. Ask, beginning with the #1 ranked person, each individual to become
part of the AC. Keep asking until all of the five (5) positions are filled.

Of course, some are going to decline for various reasons (health, work,
family, etc.). We would ask, though, that listmembers give very serious
consideration to such a request since for this experiment to work the
actual amuount of members who are willing to serve on the AC must be
sufficiently large.

7. As for AC decision-making, the following will apply:

a. decision-making will be by majority vote.

b. the list coordinator will have voice but no vote except in cases of a

c. The new AC will review existing administrative policies and make
changes as desired.

d. The new AC will periodically report back decisions to the entire list
in the event of a proposed change in list policies.

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