RE: [OPE] Civil Coup in Bolivia

Date: Mon Sep 15 2008 - 08:55:07 EDT

> The actions of the separatists amount to rebellion. He should order > their arrest and charges of treason against them.> The question of course is whether the armed forces would obey. If it is > done in terms of preserving the republic> a sufficiency of them are likely to support him. In the event of open > armed uprising by the secessionist,> he should attempt to get Venezuelan and Brazilian military assistance.> There comes a time when one has to stop being gentle with opponents who > are engaged in open rebellion.
Hi Paul C:
Rather than rely on the institutions of the state or foreign military
assistance (your recommended actions) I think he should remember
the lesson of the coup in Venezuela. I.e. he should rely directly on
the masses for support - he should call for their support and
encourage the formation of revolutionary peoples' militias in defense
of the revolution.
One has to be forward thinking: coming out of this crisis should he want
a stronger and more centralized government or a more confident and
empowered people who understand that the task of moving the country
forward and building socialism depends on what they (the working class
and poor) do? _How_ the crisis is resolved will affect the course of the
prospects for socialism and self-determination in Bolivia (and, possibly,
In solidarity, Jerry

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