RE: [OPE] The Labour theory of Value: A Marginal Analysis

From: Gary Mongiovi <>
Date: Sun Sep 07 2008 - 13:36:52 EDT

Hi. The paper has been circulating a long time. I read it about three years ago and couldn't make head nor tail of it. Anyone have a clearer idea what the guy is getting at?

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        This article - dated August, 28, 2008 - by Klaus Hagendorf is *attached*.
        The url had been circulated on the 'marxism-thaxis' list by Jim Farmelant.
>From the conclusion:
        "We have shown that modern economics is built upon the labour theory
        of value and in fact has made it more consistent. It is high time to
        turn the theory in this sense against the apologetics of capitalism."
        In solidarity, Jerry

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