RE: [OPE] Question to Marxologists: Mode of production

Date: Sat Sep 06 2008 - 10:28:25 EDT

> I am agnostic about labeling the Soviet-type mode of production (isn't > that label sufficient?), and in particular I do not want to project some > political ideal on the scientific analysis of actual societies.
Hi Dave:
In the early period of Soviet history, the Bolsheviks refereed simply
to "Soviet society" or, of course, the "Soviet Union" (the later, initially,
to emphasize that it represented a confederation of what were
originally conceived to be relatively autonomous socialist republics). I
don't recall it being referred to as a mode of production at that time.
In answer to your question, it might be sufficient depending on what
your description is of the "Soviet-type mode of production". But, frankly,
I don't know why that designation is preferable to "Soviet society" (which
gets us back to mode of production relative to social formation/society).
The one thing I especially do NOT like about "Soviet-type mode of production"
and "Soviet society" is that they perpetuate the myth that these societies
were governed by the "soviets" whereas the soviets (the workers'
councils) were made powerless, usurped, and/or disbanded very early
on in the history of that society.
 In solidarity, Jerry

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