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I think that to make progress here one has to work with some sort
of probabalistic process algebra. I have not done any work on these
algebras since the early 90s, but since then I believe that one LOTOS
has become quite well accepted.

EWssentially we have linked markov processes and have to conceptualise
the linkages between them and how these affect transition probabilities
or fluxes.

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Jerry wrote:

So, I do't think
> it's the case that a given configuration of the forces of production are
> compatible with more than one mode of production. It's, of course,
> the case that as a new mode emerges it "inherits" the forces of production
> of the previous mode but - from the moment of its birth - the new relations
> of production alter the shape and characteristics of the forces of
> production.

I think this statement is really vacuous. Nothing of your answer to Paul
contradicts his example that a configuration of forces of production is
compatible with more than one mode of production. Industrial production in
capitalism and Soviet-socialism is another a recent example.

It is a different matter of the transition probabilities that each mode of
production has between configurations of forces of production. The
Soviet-type mode of production was incapable of going from industrial
production to large-scale information production and processing.

//Dave Z

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