[OPE] Marx on social recognition of private labour

From: Anders Ekeland (anders.ekeland@online.no)
Date: Fri Aug 29 2008 - 03:20:08 EDT

Hi all,

I am about to write a small article related to "user-driven 
innovation" and "open innovation" - two of the latest fashions in 
innovation studies.

For a Marxist this is the problem of social recognition of private 
labour - and user-driven/open innovation is the concepts that are 
used by mainstream economists and policy makers to discuss this problem.

There is two - connected - ascpects of the social recognition problem 
- quantitative and qualitative. The quantitative is overproduction 
(like in Spain now - with an massive overproduction of houses, 
ordinary and leasure - one million buildings "too" many).

But in this context the qualitative side is more in focus, i.e. do 
capitalism give us the kind of products we want - or do the 
profitmaximasation drive and its consequences for product design and 
development - in different ways pervert the satisfaction of user 
needs. What I am looking for is early Ralph Nader like literature.

My starting point is Eric von Hippels book from 2005 - Democratizing 
Innovation. This is an interesting book for the study of how products 
can be developed when capitalist competition is no longer a driver 
for innovation.

Any hints on litereature are very welcome.

When it comes to Marx treatment of this I have started from 
Rosdolsky's "Karl Marx and the problem of use-value in political 
economy" Originally from in Kyklos in 1959, who mentiones Rubin and 
Grossman - are there any newer treatment of this topic?

Regards and thanks in advance
Anders Ekeland  

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