Re: [OPE] Liberalism

Date: Sat Aug 23 2008 - 10:01:30 EDT

> Anyway, just quickly, the main point is this: if the Democrats use
> Left for a rightwing agenda, there are at least two aspects
to that: 
> (1) the fact, that an original intention is co-opted,
subverted and 
> parasitized, in a game where the pursuit of ends
by some become the means 
> for others, the efforts of some are
used or exploited for purposes that 
> they did not explicitly
intend, or could possibly stand for. This is 
> already a complex
notion (i.e. where do you precisely draw the line) which 
> could
be understood in a moral-legal sense but also in a 
military-political (power) sense or in a purely practical-technical sense.

> You can phrase the same kind of thing in different ways, but
without going 
> into Hegelese you know what I mean. 

Hi Jurriaan:

What I think needs to be added isn't 
"Hegelese" but an explanation 
of how liberalism is
transformed into something else during periods
of war, revolution and
crisis, and during the 'epoch' of imperialism.

In solidarity,

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