Re: [OPE] The Dog Days of August?

From: Dave Zachariah (
Date: Sat Aug 16 2008 - 10:37:42 EDT

on 2008-08-16 14:03 Philip Dunn wrote:
> There is the presupposition here that the "widely accepted general
> account" is not also "extraordinary and implausible".

Look, I do not want to turn OPE-L into yet another fruitless 911-debate 
forum so I'll try to stick to principles. I am not referring to any 
details of the official US State Department, only to the general account 
accepted by most people.

There is no competing explanation that comes anywhere close to the 
accepted one, in terms of the three criteria I gave. None of the 
explanations have greater evidence that contradicts the accepted one, 
they rest on far more complicated assumptions i.e. for any alternative 
explanation, the accepted one gives a simpler one, and moreover there 
are huge logical gaps that were blatant in the Griffin interview.

A group of religiously motivated individuals, who belonged to a network 
of terrorists involved in West Asia, and driven by hatred towards US 
foreign policy in that region, conducted a massive terrorist attack 
using passenger airplanes. The various theories or insinuations that it 
was an attack planned and conducted by US (plus perhaps Israeli) 
officials are far more extraordinary and implausible that this account, 
even on the basis of simplicity, let alone evidence and consistency: the 
massive cover-up required would by itself be an operation that is far 
beyond the capacity of a normal state bureaucracy, let alone the most 
incompetent administration in ages.

I recall seeing the 911 conspiracy film "Loose Change" some years ago, 
and thought to myself: If state officials were capable of killing some 
3000 of its own citizens, with the tremendous risks it implies, for the 
sake of selling a war then what would stop them from killing 3 high 
school kids that "would expose the truth"? Moreover, the US government 
has gone to war for a lot less than terror attacks...

In short, don't let careful skepticism turn into fantastic claims that 
have little backing in reality.

//Dave Z
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