RE: [OPE] The Dog Days of August?

Date: Sat Aug 16 2008 - 08:52:12 EDT

> One of the most interesting things about 9/11 was the ideological "public relations" reference to the "attack on the Twin Towers". But these were the WORLD 
> TRADE TOWERS. Now why pick the World Trade Towers? Why not the Empire State Building? What was the real significance? To my knowledge, this has 
> never been discussed.
Hi Jurriaan:
A minor point first: the expression "Twin Towers" as a popular synonym for the
World Trade Center was in common usage long before 9/11 (at least in NYC).
The question which you say hasn't been discussed may not have been discussed
at length here on OPE-L (I don't recall) but it has certainly been discussed 
at length elsewhere -  from academic journals, to coffee shops, and pubs.
The answer to your question, of course, should be clear: the WTC had greater 
symbolic significance than the Empire State Building. Ironically, it was a *symbol*
of the US Empire, especially its financial (and imperialist) side. In terms of 
actual significance, it had lesser importance - just in NYC - than Wall Street
and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. - though, of course, the WTC was
an easier target.
In solidarity, Jerry

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