Re: [OPE] The Dog Days of August?

From: Philip Dunn (
Date: Sat Aug 16 2008 - 05:02:51 EDT

On Fri, 2008-08-15 at 18:19 +0200, Dave Zachariah wrote:

> I have not hatred for these theorists (and I hold the non-socialist Left 
> of the Democratic Party in nothing but contempt) but I certainly and 
> consciously have a dismissive tone toward conspiracy theorists. It is 
> one thing to be skeptical towards official versions of governments, 
> especially the US govt. given its history of covert operations around 
> the globe. But the skepticism here ought to be restricted to a position 
> of "they are most likely withholding information" not insinuating or 
> claiming something that has very little backing.

"they are most likely withholding information". Well, yes, on balance,
taking one thing with another, one might indeed form such a tentative

On what grounds do you think skepticism be restricted in the way you

Very little backing?

Here is David Ray Griffin on New Zealand radio:

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He comes under a bit of pressure when asked about what happened to AA77
and UA93 and their passengers.

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