RE: [OPE] The Dog Days of August?

Date: Fri Aug 15 2008 - 08:22:45 EDT

> Meanwhile there are much more plausible and important crimes conducted> by the current administration that ought to be addressed. 
Hi Dave Z:
Whether one crime or another is more plausible depends on the quality
and quantity of the available evidence. Whether one crime is more
"important" than another can only be answered when put in  
social-political-economic-cultural context.  9/11 was the greater -
more historically important - crime because it ushered in an exacerbated
period of War and Reaction. In other words, it empowered the Neo-Cons to
push forward their agenda both domestically and internationally in 
a way that they couldn't have been able to do otherwise. The existence
of the Habbush letter fabrication was not nearly as decisive in the
sequence of events that led to the "war on terrorism" and the  invasion and 
occupation of Iraq as 9/11, imo. 
What _I_ can't quite grasp is the _intensity_ of the attack from "the Left"
against others on the Left who are active in the 9/11 truth 
movement. Here I do not refer to you, but I have noticed a dismissive
tone and venom - indeed,  hatred - coming from some quarters. I
don't think it's coincidental that the intensity of these attacks has
increased dramatically in the last year and it's coming from much of 
"the Left" in the US which has geared up to support the Democratic Party
candidate in the presidential election.  They seem to me to almost be
embarrassed by the existence of the 9/11 truth movement, whereas they
should be embarrassed by their "lesser evil" election strategy.
In solidarity, Jerry

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