RE: [OPE] Friedman and crises

Date: Tue Aug 12 2008 - 07:41:03 EDT

> I think the underlying theory of Friedman's quote is correct. During > crisis the institutional barriers to social change are weakened. > Moreover, the material practices that affirm and sanction the dominant > ideologies are weakened. Therefore new ideas that address the crisis can > win ground.
Hi Dave:
I think there is historically a fair amount of evidence for that perspective.
But, a "crisis" here should not be interpreted narrowly only as an economic
crisis. The crisis might occur even during a period of relative economic
expansion and prosperity. For example, there might be a "legitimation" crisis.
 > This is a fact that can and has been exploited by both the Right and the > Left. When crises occur there are political forces ready to seize the > opportunity of radical change. 
Right. That was my point. I.e. the perspective advanced by Friedman
- while it resembles a particular perspective advanced by many Marists -
is not specifically Marxist and  can be embraced by other political
perspectives from both the Left and the Right.
In solidarity, Jerry

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