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Pluralist Economics Review 
the best of free-access economics 
August 2008 

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Are leading papers of better quality? Tom Coupé, Victor Ginsburgh and Abdul Noury 
Complexity and the History of Economic Though, David Colander 
Friedman's Nobel Lecture reconsidered, James Forder 
The Collapse of Monetarism and the Irrelevance of the New Monetary Consensus, James K. Galbraith 
Capitalism and Keynes, Edmund S. Phelps 
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Climate Change: Stern Revisited, Paul Baer and Clive L. Spash 
Rules for the Global Environment, Horst Siebert 
The Buffett Plan for Reducing the Trade Deficit, Papadimitriou, Hannsgen and Zezza 
Securitization, Hyman Minsky, with Preface and Afterword by L. Randall Wray 
Moral Behavior in Stock Markets: Islamic finance and socially responsible investment, Aaron Pitluck 
The Geography of Economics and Happiness, Luca Stanca 
The unhappy thing about happiness economics, Helen Johns and Paul Ormerod 
Economics in the News 

The new economics and the pursuit of happiness, Alan Wolfe, The New Republic 
Economics Is Sexy, Times Higher Education 
The Free Trade Heretic, In These Times 
The Economics Profession 

A Comment on Economics and Sociology, Laurence Moss 
Learning from physics education research: Lessons for economics education, Simon Scott and Mark Maier 
Reaching the Top? On Gender Balance in the Economics Profession, Christina Jonung and Ann-Charlotte Ståhlberg 
Mr. Max and the Substantial Errors of Manly Economics, Deirdre Nansen McCloskey 
Old Embers, New Flames, David Warsh 
The Economy 

Is Forced Labour an Isolated Problem in Developing Countries? Jens Lerche 
Does the Housing Bubble Have to Pop?: Interview with Dean Baker and Robert Kuttner, The American Prospect 
The True Cost of the War in Iraq: Implications for the Global Economy, Joseph Stiglitz 
Disaster Capitalism: State of Extortion Lookout, Naomi Klein 
85% of US Unhappy with Economy, Time 
Americans Demand Action on the Economy, CAF 

Fannie and Freddie Must Not Get a Free Lunch, Financial Times 
A Manifesto for the Next Industrial Revolution, Business Week 
Wall Street Socialism, Robert Borosage 
The Death of Reaganomics, E.J. Dionne 
Offering McCain help in Econ 101, International Herald Tribune 
Wall Street’s Great Deflation, The Nation 
Economists' Blogs 

Dean Baker 
Brad DeLong 
Paul Krugman 
Greg Mankiw 
Marginal Revolution 
Mark Thoma 
Dani Rodrik 
Naked Capitalism 
International Political Economy Zone 
Harry Clarke 
80 more blogs 
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