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Download now! Links Dossier #3: Michael Lebowitz on Socialism 
for the 21st Century | Links 


A selection of thought-provoking articles by Michael A. Lebowitz
/Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal/. Lebowitz
emeritus of economics at Simon Fraser University in
Vancouver, Canada, 
and author of /Beyond Capital: Marx's Political
Economy of the Working 
Class/ and /Build it Now: Socialism for the
21st Century. /He is a 
program coordinator with the Centro
International Miranda, Caracas, 

dossiers are in easy-to-print PDF format and readers are 
to print and distribute them. 


*Socialism is the future: Build it now! 
The spectre of socialism
for the 21st century** 
Discussion on 'The spectre of socialism for
the 21st century'** 
The capitalist workday, the socialist workday**

Without workers' management, there is no socialism* 

Download the dossier at http://links.org.au/node/551 

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