RE: [OPE] market socialism

From: Paul Cockshott (
Date: Mon Jun 30 2008 - 11:11:26 EDT


DOGAN: «"when everyone's entitled to get as much for himself as he can, all available property, however much there is of it, is bound to fall into the hands of a small minority, which means that everyone else is poor." How are you going to face this challange.»


I think that IAN WRIGHT summarized pretty well the answer:


«If a society had different rules that controlled the distribution of income -- in other words different macro-level constraints -- you would get much more egalitarian distributions of wealth even with markets.»


Depends what you mean by more egalitarian. Ian is right at a technical level, one would expect a negative
exponential income distribution under market socialism rather than a power law distribution. But
a negative exponential distribution can still be very uneven, and this uneveness is the soil
from which pressures for full scale capitalism inevitably grow.

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