RE: [OPE] Cuba After Fidel Castro

Date: Mon Jun 30 2008 - 05:46:11 EDT

Hi Paul C:
It is the exile ('gusano') community in Miami and
US imperialism which is responsible for perpetuating the 
outlandish reactionary fantasy that when F. Castro dies, 
Cuba will be thrown into a "crisis".  This misunderstands the 
role of Castro, the character of the government and its 
domestic support,  and the level of commitment of the Cuban 
people to the revolution.
When Fidel Castro dies the country will go into mourning 
- as he is without a doubt the most popular national leader
in the world in his own nation. After the speeches, editorials,
and tears, Cuba will go on ... the same path.  
In solidarity, Jerry
> The crisis always occurs on the demise of the 'great helmsman'.

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