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Yes, Jerry, Socialism has to be achieved through practice, but from 19th century Utopian Socialists know that theoretical laboratories play their part too. We can avoid some accidents of practice looking closer to the lessons of theory, which partially has been developed in a dialog with practice.
Scientific utopianism has today a well established base. If we reject it, what sense has Science for post-capitalists projects? Even our discussion looses sense.
I would agree with Cockshott’s definition of USA regime. But I think that his judgment about lots has to be qualified. The problem in USA is the extreme influence of interests groups able to finance directly congressmen to protect their own economic and political interests.
But what happen in societies where this shameful lobbying is forbidden and there is a more egalitarian distribution of rents? What happen in societies that have achieved a better balance between negative and positive liberties?
I think that Communists pay too little attention to Scandinavian countries. If there are places with better conditions to go further toward a post-capitalist order, they are not Latin American countries but Scandinavian countries.
Jerry, don’t be angry. Harnecker does support Fidel in terms I mentioned. She has to be responsible for her degrading position.
Kind regards,
A. Agafonow

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> From a theoretical point of view, it is enough to compare the 
> weak constitutional programme of Cuba with the landmark of a 
> theoretical model.
It is a hallmark of ahistorical idealism to judge an actual
experience by referencde to an ideal theoretical type. 
Socialism is not born in a theoretical laboratory, it is 
achieved through practice. As in all endeavors, there are mistakes
that are made along the way - that's something you should appreciate
(certainly, the Cubans do as well) since it's 'learning by doing'.
> Just the opposite happens in Cuba and it is shocking to see 
> leftist scholars denying this. To support the benevolence of 
> the Cuban regime, you have to rest upon a cult to personality 
> and the alleged generosity of Fidel Castro, like Martha Harnecker 
> does indeed. 
> It is an insult to rational human beings!
It is an insult, rather, to Marta Harnecker.
In solidarity, Jerry

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