Re: [OPE] Advice to a postgrad

From: Gerald Levy (
Date: Thu Jun 26 2008 - 07:53:28 EDT

Hi Paul C: 

You could call her/his attention to the following
list compliled by Fred Lee:

The person asked about "theoretical leanings" of 
faculty. That is an issue, to be sure. But,  three 
other issues are more important, imo:

1.  are there faculty who specialize in the particular
area of study that the person is interested in? Are
there courses in that specialization? Is it possible to 
pick that area of interest as a specialization?

2. are there faculty who are known for being 
tolerant of other theoretical perspectives, non-
dogmatic, and - from a student perspective -
encouraging and easy to work with?

3. how _many_ heterodox faculty are there in a 
department?   Attending a school where there are a 
number of radical faculty is to be preferred over 
attending one where there is but one - no matter
how brilliant that individual faculty member may be.

In solidarity, Jerry

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