RE: [OPE] competition and cooperation

Date: Thu Jun 26 2008 - 06:18:27 EDT

> What I am concerned with myself primarily in this context is the dialectics of 
> cooperation and competition, and how these are reflected in personality structure 
> and social values. 
Hi Jurriaan:
The 'contradictions' which you identified in a previous post, I think, relate more
to a different duality.  I.e. under capitalism - due to the market, competition, and the 
wage relation - individuals are atomized and isolated and individual survival requires
certain self-interested activities. Yet, at the same time individuals are connected 
to each other through sets of social relations and their survival depends on 
factors which at least appear in some sense beyond their control, i.e. there are
social forces at work bigger than themselves. Individualism (and mainstream 
economic theory) focuses on the former - the realm of choice (even though 
marginalist theory recognizes through the concept of opportunity cost that
scarcity _requires_ choices) and downplays the latter. Some variations of 
Marxism focus only on the latter and downplay the former. One can see this 
in terms of how they conceive of  wage-labor. 
I'll address some of your other comments at a later time. 
In solidarity, Jerry

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