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If it was an attack on the idea of social justice on the grounds that
juridical relations can not long surpass the economic relations of the
society within which they are embedded I would have some sympathy. That
could be developed into an argument that you need to change the economic
relations, and from that a new conception of justice will arise.

But it is not that. It is an argument against social justice from the
most conservative position, that social justice would entail the state
curbing the freedom of individuals.


This is hardly novel, it is what the upper classes have been saying for
years. He even justifies social inequality on the grounds that it shows
that either you or 'your lineage' showed superior entrepreneurial
ability. I am sure that the Dukes of York and Lancaster would concur
with that!




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I don't understand why you guys give Michael Eldred such a hard time.
Philosophy provides intellectual freedom, and phenomenological research
is important in the process of creatig new concepts and distinctions. I
think his paper on justice has merit, although I don't share all of his



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