RE: [OPE] Working Overtime Is Linked to Depression, Anxiety

Date: Fri Jun 20 2008 - 10:48:57 EDT

> However, dialectically considered, could the causal arrow not be reversed also? 
Hi Jurriaan:
There have been a series of related studies which show that stress and injuries
increase rapidly with overtime. These studies confirm that it is overtime which
is the cause rather than the efffect.  This particular study should not be very
surprising since it has long been known that physical and mental stress are
Other studies have shown that there is a cause-and-effect observable empirical 
relation between unemployment and other social phenomena such that when 
unemployment (cause) goes up so do deaths from liver cirrhosis, deaths from 
fatal heart attacks and strokes, deaths from suicide, increased admissions to 
mental hospitals, increased admissions to state prisons, increased spousal
abuse, increased child abuse, increased substance abuse, increased divorce
rates, etc. 
In solidarity, Jerry

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