Re: [OPE] Absolutely Divine Everyday

Date: Fri Jun 20 2008 - 10:34:08 EDT

> this email to my private address and to the list contains also an email
> address ( which uses the abriviation of our list. I was
> wondering whether it has anything to do with the list administration.

Hi Dogan;

No, but it is not uncommon for listmembers to create an address with
"OPE" in it to direct incoming messages to a special folder. Some might
find that it simplifies their 'inbox' folder management.

The list address is <>.

This address <> is used for list
administration but I sometimes use one of my other addresses such as
<> for that purpose as well.

To all on the current thread:

While I don't expect listmembers to be "absolutely devine everyday" [!],
I do ask that all - should you wish to communicate on this or other
threads - attempt to be respectful towards other listmembers even
when and where you strongly object to the perspectives advanced by
a member.  There is nothing wrong with interrogating Michael E
about his perspective, but it can be done in such a way that light is
shed on the questions at hand.

In solidarity, Jerry

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