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I am trying to say that Science bypasses cultural frontiers. Oskar Lange (Polish), Alec Nove (Russian), Henry D. Dicksinson (British), James Yunker (USA), etc.
I know that Social Sciences are especially susceptible to respond to cultural patronage or cronyism, but today these kind of counter-scientific influences tend to be deluded thanks the development of Science itself and the Internet, migration, crossbreeding, etc.
In addition, it is dangerous to base Science upon cultural/ethnical rivalry.
The extreme case of James Watson is especially shameful:
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Can you explain what you mean by your last sentence a bit more.

Alejandro Agafonow wrote:
> I am a descendant of Russian immigrants to Latin America and I was 
> born in Venezuela. Nevertheless I mainly follow “Market Socialist”, 
> neither “Marktsozialisten” nor “Socialistas de Mercado” (There are few).
> The question is that more and more Science ends to be a question of 
> culture embedded theories.

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