Re: [OPE] Absolutely Divine Everyday, Why social justice specious idea V.3.0

From: Dave Zachariah (
Date: Thu Jun 19 2008 - 05:18:36 EDT

Michael Eldred wrote:
> Cologne 19-Jun-2008
> Your left, right, neo- schematism has a frighteningly thick intellectual rigour about it. Presumably from a palaeo-left position. Such a political positioning does produce a certain order for the mind, but is philosophically worthless.

Dear Michael,

This comment strikes me as a philosophy out of touch with historical or 
sociological analysis. The Left/Right distinction is an ideological one 
that has a class content. It may be a conceptual spectrum that is 
inaccurate to classify political positions but to wish it away is as 
silly as to deny the existence of different economic class interests.

Only a philosopher disconnected from history could do that.

//Dave Z
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