[OPE] Absolutely Divine Everyday, Why social justice is a specious idea V.3.0

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Date: Tue Jun 17 2008 - 10:23:13 EDT

Cologne 17-Jun-2008

Friends of philosophy,

Here is one new article:

1.) Absolutely Divine Everyday: Tracing Heidegger's thinking on
godliness -
With an appendix on Aristotle's purely energetic god of the fair

Paper presented to the conference Heidegger und Religion in Messkirch,
04-07 June 2008. The appendix endeavours to rethink Aristotle's famous
god in his Metaphysics.


and one revised article (Version 3.0)

2.) Why social justice is a specious idea

The seductive, comforting idea of social justice leads inevitably to an
all-caring, social-totalitarian state that ruins its citizens


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