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Date: Mon Jun 16 2008 - 19:47:47 EDT

> The odd thing there BTW is that most people haven't much of a clue
> what Islam is, other than headscarfs, a conspiracy of
people talking a 
> language you don't understand, and an alleged
bad treatment of women as 
> inferior. 


That is a consequence, I think,  in large part
of the global spread of Christianity.

While it's by no means a
scholarly treatment, if someone you know genuinely 
wants to
kinow something about the early history of the religion, you could
recommend watching "The Message" which is available in its
(2 hours, 55 minutes) on 'youtube'  This 1976
originally titled "Mohammed, Messanger of God"
was produced and directed
by Moustapha Akkad - the same person who
produced and directed
the epic film "The Lion of the
Desert".  Both films, in fact, have two common actors:
Anthony Quinn and Irene Pappas.  "The Message" is not
without its
faults, however: it is very uncritical - in fact, the
script was first approved by 
Islamic religious authorities.

>>From my observations, settler societies
such as in North America and 
>> Australasia are generally more
tolerant and understanding about 
>> immigrants, because they
are historically immigrant societies. 

least insofar as NA, especially the US, is concerned I think that's a
common misperception.   There is a _long_ hiustorical
 tradition of religious, ethnic, 
and racial intollerance
here,  often directed at new immigrants who -
as in some
European countries - are scapegoated for economic and
problems.  A telling example is the passage of the Chinese
Acts at the end of the 19th Century.  In more
recent years,  there has been growing
intollerance towards
immigrants from Mexico, Haiti,   etc.  But,  new
from Poland and Russia are treated differently.  It
's clear that racism plays a 
significant role in terms of which
groups are targeted for persecution. The
demonization of Islamic
people in ther US has, as you are aware, escalated
2001.   "Moral Majority" Christian fundamentalist
types have helped to
fan the flames of this hatred. The current
administration is, of course, not
without guilt either (nor is
the  cowardly Democratic Party). 

In solidarity, Jerry

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