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From: Jurriaan Bendien (adsl675281@tiscali.nl)
Date: Wed Jun 11 2008 - 10:42:05 EDT

A coalition of about 1,500 civic groups called "the people's council for countermeasures against mad cow disease" will memorialize the deaths six years ago of two schoolgirls, at Seoul Plaza tomorrow. They were accidentally run over in Yangju, Gyeonggi Province in 2002 by a U.S. military vehicle. This tragedy brought thousands of citizens to the streets, calling for the withdrawal of the U.S. troops in Korea. Candlelight vigils will be held along with the memorial service. http://www.koreaherald.co.kr/

The government said yesterday that it will expand cuts in wireless service charges for low-income earners as part of efforts to alleviate the burden of telecommunications fees amid rising inflation. The nation's three mobile carriers will take the whole financial burden for the new program, which is expected to cost 300 billion won each year, from the current 5.9 billion won. The policy will take effect in October at the latest, the Korea Communications Commission said. "We had consultations with telecom firms, which said they will positively respond to the government's proposal," Shin Young-sup, director general of KCC's telecommunications policy bureau, said at a media briefing. Some 3.7 million people in the low-income bracket will benefit from the discount. Now about 703,000 people are benefiting from a discount. http://www.koreaherald.co.kr/


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