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Subject: Paper on sraffian and marxian categories

Dear Mr Levy,I am preparing the enclosed paper that I would like anybody
in the list could download (from
<http://public.bscw.de/pub/bscw.cgi/94092579>) for critical advice,
whether in my site, in the list or personally to my address:
vicenc.melendez at dixieland.jazztel.es

The contents, in brief, is as follows:

"The labour values express better the costs and profits of an economic
system - no joint production, no fixed capital, all goods and services are
basic -  than the  sraffian prices. Both labour values and sraffian prices
share physical conditions that are the base for profitability - as
Steedman argues but  prices as presented in the sraffian system modify or
distort the labour values to ensure a common rate of profit, thus creating
a situation where the profits  are - normally - higher than plusvalue, if
the output in terms of price and labour value are equated; and the rate of
profit in terms of labour values is normally lower than the one obtained
after equalization. When real wage is introduced as Steedman do - to
reinforce his argument of redundancy between prices and values - ,  the
price system and the labour system only differ in the equalization, there
is however an objection to his position: the wage in the sraffian system
is considered  only a percentage of the net output and that lack of
contact with the real wage could lead to unreal economic situations. So
there is no redundancy of both systems, first due to the information the
labour values incorporate and second,  due to the real wage or cost of the
labour force, which is a marxian category.  Equilibrium among prices and
values is only reached in the standard situation. To facilitate the
analysis a 2x2 Leontief matrix is created in a system that produce the
capital goods and wage goods needed. The inputs are expressed in labour
terms so as to reinforce the idea that it really makes sense to relate
plus value and profits."

Best regards,Vicenš,

Vicenš MelÚndezBarcelona(Spain)

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