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Date: Sun Jun 08 2008 - 06:26:54 EDT

some writers on Che said he had a hang up on saintliness himself ie 'the messiah of the armed struggle'..from the brazillian liberal historian Luiz Bandeira, and  the biographer of Che,  Luiz Bernardo Pericas said 'few know that the image of Christ and of his sacrifice always permeated the life of Che..'..( In his later work he drops this stuff)  ... well so much for the impregnation of catholic 'discourse' on the academics! Well even us athiests can remark that someone must have been a saint to do such and such can't we... and in any case we have Che's daughters assurance before an Iranian gathering that Che 'never met God'... Incidentally Che's short introduction to Marx is in the yet untranslated Economic Notebooks is really lovely to read, not a hint of saintliness.. just pure admiration, and very nicely  much praise for Mrs Marx, so i don't have to buy the new English booklet. It certainlt can be added to Lenin and Engels short appreciations for the use of students... 

Hi Paul B:

Thanks. There was a lot of good info. in your post.  I don't recall Che having 
treated Marx as a 'saint'  (by which I mean, in this context, a 'God-like'
authority fugure who can no not wrong) in his other writings (but it has 
been *many* years since I read them) so I'm glad to hear that there 
is no religious/uncritical treatment of Marx in his introduction.  

In solidarity, Jerry

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