RE: [OPE] II-Socialist Cybernetics in Allende’s Chile.

Date: Fri Jun 06 2008 - 09:16:23 EDT

> However, as Henry D. Dickinson stated, consumers have to be responsible for their venality and if we 
> start the production of a good that in short time will be unsold because consumers changed their minds, 
> we have to charge them with an “uncertainty surcharge”. They have to be responsible for their 
> preferences but we should not forbid in advance certain rare or marginal consumptions.
Hi Alejandro A:
An "uncertainty surcharge" would cause the price (or exchange rate,
in the case of barter) to increase and this would mean that it would 
be _more_ likely that there would be unsold (or unexchanged) goods 
and hence wasted resources.
In solidarity, Jerry

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