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It was a zip file which can be decompressed to yield a pdf.

I am slowly working through it. I am as yet unconvinced that his
money of account would really be any different from ordinary money.
Soviet official doctrin was that the rouble was just a money
of account, which had some credibility given the directive nature
of the plan there, with Diego's decentralised system it looks to
me as if the money of account would be money as we know it.

I am also less than convinced that it would be possible to 
plan world population growth in such a way as to achieve a
rate of demographic growth of 4% in a country like Spain, or
more generally that a higher demographic growth could be
achieved in OECD than non OECD countries. It is one thing for
a communist government to limit family size as in China, it 
is quite another for it to be able to enforce much larger family
sizes as would be required to achieve a 4% rate of population

One also has to ask whether, given the current water shortages
in Spain that it makes any kind of sense to plan for Spain to
have a population 3 times its current size in 30 years time.
Climate modelling indicates even greater aridity to be expected
by then.

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Hola Jerry!
The paper attached is without format. Diego sent it in PDF, Didn't he?
Could you please post a link to download it?
 A. Agafonow

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Diego asked that I post a recent paper of his in Spanish:
"Valores, precios y mercados en el postcapitalismo". It
is *attached*.

In solidarity, Jerry

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