RE: [OPE] II-Socialist Cybernetics in Allende’s Chile.

Date: Thu Jun 05 2008 - 09:45:19 EDT

> Communism also requires a “rule of law”, not just the rule of aggregate people through vote.
Hi Alejandro A:
For there to be "rule of law" there has to be a state, 
which is presumed not to exist under communism. 
As for a "transitional" economy or "socialism", minorities 
should have rights, but *what are they*? Life? Yes. Liberty?
One would hope so, but the meaning of this term in different 
social systems is different.  But, I presume you to mean
that minorities should have *freedom of consumption choices*. 
Is that correct?  If so, I have great reservations about granting 
minorities such "freedoms".  For instance, let's suppose that
the majority insists that all whaling be halted but a minority
insists on its 'right' to whale freely and consume whale meat. 
Would you  say, then, that the minority should have the right to
spend their money buying and consuming whale meat if they so wish?
In solidarity, Jerry

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