RE: [OPE] Labour productivity

Date: Thu Jun 05 2008 - 08:26:49 EDT

> One of the great mysteries of modern society is that while there is an obsession about productivity, it is perpetually controversial just how one 
> ought to define it. 
Hi Jurriaan:
Measuring productivity is controversial, yes. But, it's no mystery why it's an
"obsession" of individual capitalists  since it relates (however you wish to 
measure it) to "the bottom line".  It is no more (and, actually, less) a mystery 
than saying that capitalists are obsessed with the desire to increase the production
 of surplus value (even if there are measurement issues there too).  The general 
problem here, I think, is how 'indicators should be measured which have somewhat 
different meaning on the  plant or firm level vs. the aggregate level since there are 
issues associated with rent and the distribution of surplus value among capitalists.
In solidarity, Jerry

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