RE: [OPE] Railways

Date: Thu Jun 05 2008 - 08:16:47 EDT

> Possibly I am far gloomy about the future of the railways, insofar as you can get some real good deals nowadays in rail travel. 
Hi Jurriaan;
An expansion of rail service requires huge capital expenditures. There are also land
use decisions that must be made to secure the land for additional railways. This
requires massive investment - and other actions - by states.  There are many
arguments that could be made for doing so (especially with the rising costs of
oil and pollution and social costs caused by automobiles), but will those states 
do so?  It's unclear to me for a variety of political reasons - no matter how logical 
such a change would be (even  from the perspective of what is good for capitalists 
in general) - that those states will takes these actions.
In  solidarity, Jerry

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