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Hello Perelman, congratulations for your book!
Does your book offer a concrete economic programme for your anti-Procrustean economy? Or does it form part of further works?
You cite Weber as a critic of market economy but he also was, like Ludwig von Mises and Boris Brutzkus, among the first that acknowledged the then (1920’s) irremediable necessity of market for rational allocation of resources.
Are you thinking in a Market Socialism programme?
Agafonow Agafonow

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I have replaced the version & have a much better text there now.  This 
will be No. 20.  Thanks for noticing.

I would appreciate any comments.

On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 09:07:42AM -0400, Gerald Levy wrote:
> A draft of the introduction and first chapter of a new book in formation by 
> Michael P can be opened at:
> How many book titles has this author already written and published?
> In solidarity, Jerry
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