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This was pretty much sorted out last year.
In April 2007, 10 LA states (ex Peru and Uruguay) chose the name which will 
elect a permanent Executive secretary with its HQ located in Quito, Ecuador.

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> "The countries that make up UNASUR are Venezuela, Colombia,
> Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru,
> Surinam, and Uruguay, encompassing a total population of 380 million
> inhabitants."
> +++
> "South American Nations Form New Regional Grouping: UNASUR"
> May 24th 2008, by James Suggett -
> Mérida, May 24, 2008 ( At a summit in
> Brasilia, Brazil, on Friday, 12 South American countries formally
> constituted the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), a regional
> integration initiative which began informally in 2004. At the Summit,
> Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and Colombian President Álvaro Uribe
> shook hands respectfully, and Colombia remained the only country
> which declined to participate in the proposed South American Defense
> Council.
> Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez described UNASUR as the culmination
> of the region's search for unity since South American independence
> two centuries ago. "Only in unity will we later have, progressively,
> complete political, economic, cultural, scientific, technological,
> and military independence," Chávez commented.
> [...]
> The temporary president of UNASUR, Chilean President Michelle
> Bachelet, said the new grouping will help the region "contribute to
> the construction of this new 21st century, where Latin America is
> capable of having a strong and firm voice because we have been able
> to initiate a process of effective integration."
> Bachelet highlighted the potential for UNASUR to promote economic and
> social development in the region. At the top of the organization's
> agenda should be combating poverty, eradicating illiteracy, and
> coordinating university programs so as to facilitate the movement of
> professionals throughout the region, she said. Also being
> contemplated is a regional citizenship.
> Having successfully formed UNASUR, "South America acquires the status
> of global actor," said the President of Brazil, Luis Inacio "Lula" da
> Silva.
> Lula assured that UNASUR is open to other Latin American countries in
> the region, and the foundational treaty signed Friday should not be
> perceived as "a finality."
> "Our Caribbean neighbors are invited to associate themselves with the
> union. UNASUR is born in this way, open to the entire region in the
> spirit of diversity and pluralism," said the Brazilian president.
> [...]
> Lula also emphasized his administration's proposal to create a South
> American Defense Council "founded on common values and principles
> such as respect for sovereignty, self-determination, territorial
> integrity of states, and non-intervention in internal affairs."
> Such a council will help UNASUR members "deepen our South American
> identity in the area of defense," Lula said, assuring that "our armed
> forces are committed to the construction of peace."
> The presidents at the summit agreed to form a commission that will
> come up with a proposal for the defense council within 90 days. The
> countries will then meet sometime in the second half of this year to
> officially form the council.
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