[OPE] Marxist Economist Richard Wolff, tonight (Tuesday) on Steal This Radio

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Date: Tue May 27 2008 - 14:22:39 EDT

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Subject: Marxist Economist Richard
Wolff, TONIGHT (Tuesday) on Steal This Radio 
From: "Mitchel
Cohen" <mitchelcohen@mindspring.com> 
Date: Tue, May 27,
2008 1:50 pm 


Economist Richard Wolff dissects the housing and capitalist debt 
crisis, and offers some novel alternatives, on 
"Steal This
Radio", Show #43 

hosted by Mitchel Cohen, on http://www.tribecaradio.net 
(click on "Live") on Tuesday at 6 pm (New York time) 

Mitchel Cohen, talks about the death of Free Speech Movement
Michael Rossman, in Berkeley. 

Broadcast over http://tribecaradio.net every Thursday
at 11 a.m. (NY 
time) and repeated Tuesday at 6 pm (NY time). Click

Or, click on this link to get into
the archives (Podcast), and scroll 
to end of info for show #43, hit
the arrow to Play at the bottom of 
the entry. You can hear this and
any of the shows at any time, on 
your computer: 

PLEASE WRITE COMMENTS directly onto the podcast blog at the above

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