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Well there would obviously not be an industrial civilisation in northern Europe or the USA north of the carolinas, but
that leaves a lot of the world. Malaya, much of India, probably large areas of Africa would do fine. 

But I mentioned the Eocene as that was a previous period of high C02 circa 50M years ago,
during which northern Europe was tropical or semi-tropical and there were no permanent icecaps on either pole.
A such it represents a worst case scenario for CO2 -- short that is of a truely massive clarthate release. 

Whilst this too represents a huge change in climate, and
might be associated with large scale desertification in Amazonia, it would be far from being uninhabitable.

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> At worst we are talking about a shift to Eocene conditions. Human life and civilization could still continue, but at considerable cost.
Hi Paul C :
What kind of "civilization" could continue with catastrophic climatic 
change such as a new Ice Age?  
In solidarity, Jerry

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